Brandable Coin

The ORRO is a Brandable Coin

The ORRO digital coin can be market branded with a logo. When a coin is purchased from FreePay, registered institutions have the ability to brand the coin. Each time coins are displayed in an ORRO holder’s account, the logo of the original purchasing institution appears next to it. It provides a mechanism to promote brand awareness through the currency.


A Smart Approach to Brand Awareness

Organizations wishing to create their own branded currency can do so using the ORRO. Given that each digital coin represents 0.01 grams of gold, the coin retains its value regardless of who it is exchanged with. The approach allows ORRO coins to act as a new form of advertising mechanism. Organizations can use ORRO to make payments using their branded coin where the coin retains its brand as it moves throughout the payment ecosystem. Each time a coin holder transacts on the network, they’re exposed to the organizations brand.

Incentive Programs Using a Branded ORRO Coin

The ORRO is more than just a digital store of wealth or method of payment. It’s also a mechanism to allow organizations to associate benefits with their branded coin. The ORRO has intelligence built in that allows it to perform function. Organizations can link benefits to their branded ORRO that automatically apply when it is used for payment for the purchase of products that the organization provides. The program allows an organization to proliferate their brand and generate incentive programs to encourage customers to continue to use their product.

An Alternative and Compliant
State Branded Currency

The ORRO can act as an adjunct to traditional currency. Government states wishing to align a branded ORRO with their current fiat based currency can do so and reduce the cost of traditional currency production and circulation maintenance. The ORRO has been purposely created to support regulatory compliance within the jurisdiction in which it is transacted providing government agencies with the ability to maintain control of the coin as legal tender. Taxes can be collected in real time and transactions can be traced to ensure their conformance with government regulation.

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