Each ORRO coin represents 0.01 grams of physical gold produced from the FreePay mines. When you purchase an ORRO, you’re purchasing real gold held securely by FreePay on your behalf. The number of coins in circulation on the FreePay payments network represents the amount of gold held in treasury.


FreePay Gold Mines

The FreePay gold mines ensure gold supply for the ORRO digital coins


The benefits of FreePay

Feeless Transactions on a Trusted Payments Network

FreePay changes the payments landscape by removing all transaction fees, resulting in lowers costs to vendors and consumers alike. Whether the ORRO is being used for payments or transferring wealth from one location to another, the FreePay network removes fees from the transaction.

Independently Secured and Validated by an Audited Proof of Reserve

Independent audits are conducted and published to validate the FreePay gold reserve. Each ORRO is digitally minted only when it represents physical gold held in that reserve, creating a new gold standard for a truly global currency. The bullion is maintained in highly secure vaults and maintained by independent parties.

Regulatory Compliance

FreePay is committed to conforming with geographical regulatory compliance and the integrity of its payment network.

Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) processes are undertaken for each user onboarding the FreePay Payment Network.

The ORRO is a Brandable Coin

The ORRO can be branded for marketing purposes allowing governments, institutions and businesses to create their own branded digital coin.

Branded coins are interchangeable and appear in consumers wallets as the branded coin, allowing widespread marketing opportunities.

A Unique Investment Opportunity

FreePay is seeking limited institutional investment. The company will monetize its production gold, with production set to commence in H2 2019, and continue to generate revenues from those gold sales for perpetuity.

Investors have the opportunity to participate in the continuous monetization of the FreePay gold well beyond its initial sale.


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